arduino-lcdArduino library for controlling LCD modules based on Hitachi HD44780 controllers8 years
balldemoBox2D and OpenGL ES 2.0 bouncing ball demo for android, iOS, and desktop6 years
bb-balldemoJ2ME bouncing ball demo6 years
bb-bblibCollection of common components used in BlackBerry Java development6 years
bb-gamelibJ2ME library with some basic math/physics related data structures6 years
cloudnoteHTML5 app for viewing (and eventually editing) markdown documents through WebDAV4 months
doughduinoArduino based temperature control device designed for proving bread dough6 years
echo-serverC++ framework for dispatching HTTP requests to dynamiclly loaded action handlers6 years
gedit-autotabFork of gedit-autotab to support gedit3 - years
gedit-trailsaveFork of gedit-trailsave to support gedit3 - years
gp2x-helloHello World program for the GP2X with fancy bitmap font6 years
gp2x-libfontFancy bitmap font library for the GP2X6 years
javappJava Preprocessor for Apache Ant7 years
jqtemplateTemplate processing engine for jQuery7 years
lego-explorerMy Lego Mindstorm explorer bot model and NQC code6 years
linkdbRemote bookmark database targeting Google AppEngine8 years
log4bbLogging framework for BlackBerry6 years
mclaunch-linuxManage multiple instances of Minecraft - Vala GTK33 years
mclaunch-winManage multiple instances of Minecraft - C# WPF3 years
mdtopdfgenerate nice looking pdf from markdown with markdowntopdf.com2 years
pathfinderCodeapalooza challenge 5 - path finding routine in golang6 years
ps3-teensy-hidUSB hid device for the PlayStation3 using the Teensy platform7 years
ps3-usb-hidUSB hid device with button mappings that correspond to PlayStation3 conroller bu...8 years
slashblogLightweight blog engine written in python7 years
teensy-snesConvert a SNES gamepad into a generic USB joystick6 years
tinyurltinyurl is a bare bones url shortening tool written in C++ and bash script14 months
tvcontrolgnome-shell extension to control LG TV through serial port2 years