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masteradded methods for printing numbersJosh Kropf12 years
lcdlib-0.4lcdlib-0.4.zip  lcdlib-0.4.tar.gz  lcdlib-0.4.tar.bz2  Josh Kropf12 years
lcdlib-0.1lcdlib-0.1.zip  lcdlib-0.1.tar.gz  lcdlib-0.1.tar.bz2  Josh Kropf13 years
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2009-03-27added methods for printing numbersHEADlcdlib-0.4masterJosh Kropf
2008-09-20added schematicJosh Kropf
2008-09-18fixed busy flag check supportJosh Kropf
2008-09-14some bug fixes related to busy flag checking, but it still doesn't work corre...Josh Kropf
2008-03-09implemented busy flag check and removed hardcoded delaysJosh Kropf
2008-01-12tested and fixed 8pin modelcdlib-0.1Josh Kropf
2008-01-10fixed typo in Lcd.h, animate sample almost workingJosh Kropf
2008-01-09added some samples and updated documentation in the header fileJosh Kropf
2008-01-09initial import of arduino lcd libraryJosh Kropf
2008-01-09mkdirJosh Kropf