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2011-04-26comments in desktop Makefile and added license to desktop source fileHEADv0.1masterJosh Kropf
2011-04-26added eclipse project files for desktop and androidJosh Kropf
2011-04-21added mingw detection in MakefileJosh Kropf
2011-04-21formatting cleanup and typo correctionJosh Kropf
2011-04-19fixed compile error due missing cast in call to queueActionJosh Kropf
2011-04-19added rudimentary event handling system and added tilt support to androidJosh Kropf
2011-04-17account for variable frame rate for physics simulation time stepJosh Kropf
2011-04-14new class for drawing fixed width font from a textureJosh Kropf
2011-04-12fixed link error on desktop caused by new logging apiJosh Kropf
2011-04-12simplified the logging api and implemented asset loading on desktopjosh
2011-04-12asset loading api with initial implementation for androidJosh Kropf
2011-04-10added support for landscape orientation on iOSJosh Kropf
2011-04-08added rotation handling to the spritesJosh Kropf
2011-04-08sprite animation using box2d simulationJosh Kropf
2011-04-08fixed compile error due to unimplemented method and added OSX supportJosh Kropf
2011-04-08added box2d library and integrating it with the projectJosh Kropf
2011-04-03basic 2d texture supportJosh Kropf