Arduino based temperature control device designed for proving bread dough. See my blog post for details.

Required Libraries

Flashing Arduino Bootloader

The doughduino circuit does not have an ICSP socket. You will need to either temporarily wire one in, or flash the ATmega8 chip in another circuit. For example; an Arduino Diecimila or NG (maybe UNO too). Just remove the Arduino AVR chip and replace with your ATmega8 in need of a bootloader. Then use an AVR-ISP programmer to burn firmware (ARDUINO_HOME/hardware/arduino/bootloaders/atmega8/ATmegaBOOT.hex).

Uploading Doughduino Sketch

Doughduino includes a header for uploading sketches using a USB to serial adapter. I use the Sparkfun 3.3v FTDI Breakout.

  1. Download and install required libraries above
  2. Open doughduino sketch with Arduino IDE
  3. Select Arduino NG or older /w ATmega8 from boards list in tools menu
  4. Connect USB-serial adapter to doughduino and a 5v power source
  5. Press reset button on doughduino, and then click Upload in Arduino IDE
  6. Profit