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masteradded bootstrap scriptJosh Kropf13 years
pre-autotoolspre-autotools.zip  pre-autotools.tar.gz  pre-autotools.tar.bz2  Josh Kropf13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2007-09-19added bootstrap scriptHEADmasterJosh Kropf
2007-08-15Removed Makefile (how did that get in there?)Josh Kropf
2007-08-13Added maintenance clean macros and added echo namespace for core classesJosh Kropf
2007-08-12Modified project structure and added automake filesJosh Kropf
2007-08-02Fixed bug in action mapping function macros... "should" work nowJosh Kropf
2007-08-02Fixed symbol macro errors in action.hJosh Kropf
2007-07-30Completely refactored the action mapping logicJosh Kropf
2007-07-30Bug fixesJosh Kropf
2007-07-27removed unused filesJosh Kropf
2007-07-27Action and ActionMapper is mostly finishedJosh Kropf