AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-01-12Add another test case with mixed spaces and tabs.gedit3Pierre Ossman
2012-01-12Redo the algorithm again as it got confused by multiline comments with a sing...Pierre Ossman
2012-01-12Create some test cases so it's easier to regression test changes.Pierre Ossman
2011-05-08modifications to support gedit3gedit-autotab-0.8Josh Kropf
2011-05-08renamed plugin descriptor to conform with gedit3 conventionsJosh Kropf
2011-05-02Make plugin work on Mac OS X, by falling back to statusbar.remove()HEADmasterkristoffer.lunden
2010-10-27Handle files with mixed tabs and spaces better, patch by Pierre Ossmankristoffer.lunden
2010-10-04formatted paste, not perfectedkristoffer.lunden
2010-10-01beginnig of capture pastekristoffer.lunden
2010-07-05updated changelog with issue numbers that works to paste to wikikristoffer.lunden
2010-07-05new changelog for 0.7 releasekristoffer.lunden
2010-07-05Fixed fake gconf so plugin works on windowskristoffer.lunden
2010-07-02better loop, don't slice the string over and over, thanks to nevdelapkristoffer.lunden
2010-07-01adjusted commentkristoffer.lunden
2010-07-01actually try to guess at tabs or spaces for the filekristoffer.lunden
2010-07-01workaround for issue #13, try to guess tab/spaces for file with weird indentkristoffer.lunden
2010-07-01fix issue 8, added a Makefile for easy install/uninstallkristoffer.lunden
2009-09-27Added patch from issue#7, indentation counting. Also updating CHANGELOG for r...kristoffer.lunden
2009-03-08CHANGELOG: Special case Makefiles so they are always using tabskristoffer.lunden
2009-03-08Update README with current informationkristoffer.lunden
2009-03-08Special case Makefiles so they are always using tabskristoffer.lunden
2008-09-190.5 CHANGELOGkristoffer.lunden
2008-03-24preparing changelogkristoffer.lunden
2008-03-24bugfix issue #4, typokristoffer.lunden
2008-02-27changes in preparation for 0.4, GPLv3kristoffer.lunden
2007-12-29Changed the main algorithm, works better with 4-space-indented c files nowlarsuebernickel@gmx.de
2007-03-22Modelines in READMEkristoffer.lunden
2007-03-22Modelines support, CHANGELOG file, loaded/saved signalskristoffer.lunden
2007-03-11README filekristoffer.lunden
2007-03-11And the gedit filekristoffer.lunden
2007-03-11Initial importkristoffer.lunden
2007-03-11Initial directory structure.(no author)