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masterminor code cleanupjosh10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-12-29minor code cleanupHEADmasterjosh
2010-12-29few more test maps and a rudimentary UI for selecting start/end pointsjosh
2010-12-29several optimizations with significant performance improvementsjosh
2010-12-28fixed array index out of bounds error valid move check routineJosh Kropf
2010-12-28added two more test mapsJosh Kropf
2010-12-23removed some stray text causing compile errorjosh
2010-12-22working (but slow) A* implementationjosh
2010-12-21started working on A* path finding routinejosh
2010-12-21initial go-lang codeJosh Kropf
2010-12-21initial attempt in c++Josh Kropf